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When Is an Attorney Necessary for a Work-Related Injury?
Ouch! You’ve become injured on the job. Co-workers say, “get a lawyer.” Your boss says, “I’ll handle it.” How do you know what to do? If you need medical treatment, the first thing you must do is report your injury to human resources and, if you need to, ask to see a doctor. If the response … Read More
Lifetime Benefits in California Workers’ Compensation
Injured workers in the state of California are, by law, entitled to certain benefits if they are injured at work. These benefits would include: temporary disability (which is basically wage replacement at 2/3’s of an injured workers salary up to a maximum proscribed by law), medical care as currently allowed by the law, mileage … Read More 
Benefits Available to Workers Injured on the Job in California
If you are injured on the job in the state of California, it is important to know what benefits are available to you should your injuries be severe enough to prevent you from working. If your injury prevents you from working, you may also be eligible for workers’ compensation. Assuming your California worker’s compensation claim … Read More 
The Limits on Access to Medical Treatment in the California Workers’ Compensation System
Arguably, the most important benefit provided by workers’ compensation is MEDICAL TREATMENT. Unfortunately for injured workers in California, this is often the most denied benefit. The reason behind this harsh reality is known as the Utilization Review and Independent Medical Review process, and the en banc decision of Dubon v. State Comp. Ins. Fund, handed … Read More 
WCAB Issues Important Decision Regarding In-Home Health Care
In the case of Roque Neri Hernandez vs. Geneva Staffing, Inc. dba Workforce Outsourcing, Inc.; Tower Point National Insurance Company, administered by Tower Select Insurance, Case Number ADJ7995806, the workers’ compensation appeals board ruled, en banc, with regard to the SB 863 additions and amendments to the Labor Code … Read More 
WCAB Has Granted Review of Dubon Decision
In a somewhat unusual move, the workers’ compensation appeal board, the California administrative law court that handles workers’ compensation cases, has granted review of its own decision in Jose Dubon v. World Restoration, Inc.; State Compensation Insurance Fund. The WCAB has reported that: “The Appeals Board granted State Compensation Insurance Fund’s petition for reconsideration … Read More 
Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board Issues Decision Sparing Injured Worker From the Vagaries of Independent Medical Review
The Dubon decision restores some sanity to the nightmare, by determining that an injured worker can avoid the star-chamber-esque IMR process in those cases where the insurance carrier failed to comply with the UR rules … Read More
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