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Public Safety and Law Enforcement Compensation Benefit Claims Attorney

Public Safety
Public safety and law enforcement officers are subject to special laws pertaining to workers’ compensation benefits. These are particularly important when considering retirement. These benefits not only include extended leave time (Labor Code §§ 4800 and 4850), but even include special death benefits and presumptions for a variety of medical conditions. Our firm has years of experience in representing many local agency members from fire departments, police, CHP and prisons, to name a few.

A Couple of Examples of the Public Safety & Law Enforcement Laws Are:

1) Labor Code Section 4850. Paid leave of absence for specified public employees. This section entitles police officers, fire fighters and other public employees to a leave of absence while disabled without loss of salary in lieu of temporary disability payments or maintenance allowance payments, if any, that would be payable for the period of the disability, but not exceeding one year, or until that earlier date as he or she is retired on permanent disability pension.
2) Labor Code Section 3213.2. “Injury” includes lower-back impairment for certain law enforcement officers; “duty belt” defined. This section entitles certain enforcement officers required to wear a duty belt as a condition of employment to a presumption that lower back impairment arose out of and in the course of their employment. This presumption is disputable, but unless controverted, the appeals board is bound to find in accordance with it.
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